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Chain-It Tight "The Long Term Tire Chain Tightening Accessory"

Chain It Tight:Quality Versatility Strength

Apparatus for tightening chains that are installed on a tire, as well as methods for using such apparatus is disclosed. The chain-tightening apparatus provides a mechanism for uniformly tightening the chains, as well as maintaining a constant uniform tension on the chains when the tire moves. The apparatus attaches to the chains quickly and easily, making the method of tightening such chains simple. The apparatus is quickly and easily removed and is easily and compactly stored.

Order yours today 2 sets in a box. This will do one axle.

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           Patented 6530406

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Driving in snow, mud or on ice, Chain-it-TightTM is the most advanced chain tightening system in the world. Designed for your passenger car, truck or SUV, Chain-it-TightTM has revolutionized difficult driving conditions requiring tire chains, with it's easy attachment feature. Tire chains without Chain-it-TightTM must be adjusted every few miles to ensure that they are tight.  If this done improperly, loose tire chains can adversely affect normal operation of your vehicle's tires, causing you to lose control, or causing expensive vehicle damage. Chain-it-TightTM Can be installed in minutes, and keeps the tire chains tight! Chain-It Tight never looses its ability to work No Matter how cold or wet it is outside!!!!!! Most reliable tightener for chains on the market!!!!!!!!!!!      PATENTED 6530406   

Chains not Included.  This a Tire Chain Tightening Accessory Only

On large orders of a 100 or more please allow 4 to 6 weeks from time of order to be shipped. All other size orders will be shipped the within 7 to 14 days. Thank you