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Chain-It Tight "The Long Term Tire Chain Tightening Accessory"

How to Use




CHAIN-IT TIGHT was designed to keep uniform tension on your tire chains at all times. CHAIN-IT TIGHT offers less chance of losing your tire chains: causing damage to your vehicle; less chance of the tire chains coming off and wrapping around your axles; and less chance of just losing your tire chains on the highway when you need them the most.

Chain-It Tight never loses it's ability to work NO matter how Cold or Wet It is outside!!!!!!!!

How to Use:


  1. Install tire chains as instructed from Manufacturer
  2. Hook back of the chains so they won't pull over tire while tightening with CHAIN-IT TIGHT.
  3. Hook front of tire chains so chains are snug (NOTE: If your chains have cambers, close them at this time.)
  4. Attach CHAIN-IT TIGHT to tire chain by passing S hooks equally around the chain.
  5. At this time, take the spool and attach anywhere on cable (by using the slot in back) and tighten cable around spool (either direction) with 3/8" ratchet that's included. (tighten until chains are tight around tire.)
  6. Place cable stop pins behind cable to prevent the cable of unwinding.

Note: Remember tires are made to flex , so do not over tighten your tire chains.  Tighten your tire chains so the cross members are tight across tire.

Chains Not included.  This is a Tire Chain Tightening Accessory Only

Available in 4 Different Units:

CT-40 ATV'S, Golf Carts, Garden Tractors, and Snow Blowers 

CT-50 SUV'S, Cars, Small Tractor Tires,And Pick-ups

CT-60 Commercial Trucks and Trailers, Tractors with 22.5" Tires including low profile tires

CT-65 Commercial Trucks and Trailers, Tractors with 24.5" Tires including low profile tires.

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Unit Sizes available
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