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Chain-It Tight "The Long Term Tire Chain Tightening Accessory"

Letters from customers who Have Used Chain-It Tight

Sub]: Chain tightners
Date: 9/29/2006 12:06:47 P.M. Mountain Standard Time
From: Garyrymnd

To whom it may concern;

I had used the Chain it Tight tightner’s when I was still working. They were a quality product.
Once you put them on that’s all you had to do. We had been losing a number of tire chains
during the Spring and Winter, which constituted quite of bit of money. We were running
about twenty trucks. To make a long story short, in the long run it saved money and quite a
bit of down time.

Thanks G R Raymond
Durango, CO.



To Whom It May Concern.

 In Jan 2006 I was making a run from Portland Oregon to Idaho Falls Idaho. When I
approaching the Blue Mountains east of

Pendleton Oregon I encounted a fairly strong snowstorm. It doesnt take Oregon long to put the
chainlaws for trucks into effect on this

stretch of 1-84. After laying my 3rail chains across my drivers I found that one of them had a
broken center rail. My son in law had

given my a set of “Chain It Tight” chain tighteners, so I decided to see how they would work. I
installed the tighteners in about 5

minutes. I put a bungi cord on the broken center rail and headed east. The tighteners kept the
chains snug, even with the missing

center not fastened!

I was able to drive 35 to 40 mph pulling double trailers. What an excellent product! I would
recommend the Chain It Tight system to
any truck driver who deals with the snow and ice anywhere.

James R Lovell

Ririe ID.